Railroad Depots

The trend in e-mail to the Society seems to be transportation!  Here is one we received earlier this year…

Hello HSWWV:

I am researching the history of railroad stations in CT and one persistent but undocumented  legend says that a depot from either Berea or St. Elmo was dismantled and moved to Salisbury, CT, probably between 1893 and 1908.  So far I can find nothing to support this assertion in the newspapers or railroad commissioners’ annual reports from either state.

Would you have any clipping files that might reference said event and/or other materials to suggest that would put this ‘burning’ question to rest once and for all.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance you might be able to offer!

Bob Belletzkie


  1. The St. Elmo depot is still there, at the corner of Plains Rd and St. Elmo Rd. just over the Ulster County border. Maybe it was a depot at Berea? I don’t remember there being one there, but maybe someone else does?

    Does our inquirer have a route map for the NYNH&H with Depots noted?

    On another local note concerning the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad, there was a Station at East Walden. A postcard showing it was featured in the Wallkill Valley Times, Dec 9, 2009. The note on the card dated it 1931. It was near the intersection of State Route 52 with County Route 85 (St. Andrew’s Rd), The photo was taken looking eastward across the tracks toward the old Johnson farm buildings on the opposite knoll. I do not remember the station itself, but there used to be a railroad overpass over Route 52 that was taken down after the tracks were no longer used.

  2. In August, we received the following info from Suzanne Isaksen–Thank you Suzanne! The blog is newer than this running dialogue–so our apologies that entries are out of chronological order.

    “Below is a URL that shows the intersection of Route 17K with the rail line coming out of Maybrook when the Maybrook switching terminal was in operation. The person you might want to speak with about this is Tony Marano with the Maybrook Railroad Historical Society. He lives in the Village of Montgomery and should be in the phone book. He worked on the railroad when it was in operation.”

    Great link–thank you!


  3. A little more information about St. Elmo depot.
    1.from the booklet “History of New Hurley: The Flint, Plains Rd, Sherwood Corners, St. Elmo” by Kenneth E. Hasbrouck, Town and Village Historian, New Paltz, 1949, p. 7. (available at the Wallkill Public Library)
    “St. Elmo- There wasn’t any settlement in the place called St. Elmo until Mr. William Powell, Sr. came there after buying the land from the Bordens. Mr. Powell built a lumber and feed mill and started a coal business. St. Elmo was named by the Borden family after an estate they owned in Florida.”

    2. There is also a video about the rail line that came through the St. Elmo and Berea area which is available on the website of the Historical Society of Shawangunk and Gardiner (www.wallkillhistory.com). The rail line came from Connecticut, across the rail bridge at Pougkeepsie.

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