Monthly Archives: November 2012

Railroad Depots

The trend in e-mail to the Society seems to be transportation!  Here is one we received earlier this year… Hello HSWWV: I am researching the history of railroad stations in CT and one persistent but undocumented  legend says that a depot from either Berea or St. Elmo was dismantled and moved to Salisbury, CT, probably […]

The Walden Trolley

We receive questions and comments–here are a few of the most recent… Hello, my name is Ray Kelly and I am a member of the Ontario & Western Railway Society in Middletown. I am trying to put together a Power Point Presentation on the trolley that ran between Walden and Newburgh.  If you have any […]

Welcome to our History Board!

That’s BOARD–not BORED! Our Society is open to the public and is a nonprofit organization devoted to preserving local history.  We are chartered by the State of New York.  We invite you to post your local history comments and questions on our new blog so that we can all share the information with a wider […]